Free Hands-Only CPR Training in Feb.

It’s February, which is American Heart Month – a month set aside to focus on the #1 killer of Americans – yes, more people in the U.S. die from Cardiovascular disease (both men and women) than from any other health problem or disease.

The first American Heart Month was Feb.

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Halloween CPR – 2015 (yes, it’s back)

Halloween CPR

In 2014, Halloween CPR was a big hit.  The students loved it, the instructors loved it – there was a good prize for the “best costume” (voted on by the students).  Of course, everyone got a BLS for Healthcare Providers certification card before they left class.  

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February is American Heart Month! (Free CPR month, too)

If you can remember back to Dec. 1963 (I think I was crawling then) – Pres. Lyndon Johnson named February 1964 as the first “American Heart Month” in the U.S.   A month to look at the #1 killer of men in the U.S. at that time – cardiovascular disease.   Pres.

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Training Friday 11/14/2014 in Villa Rica

You can get almost any type of course, same day, in Villa Rica (Nov. 14, 2014)

Most people probably expect Newnan CPR to teach some CPR, BLS for Healthcare, or even First Aid classes in Newnan, GA.  Maybe also in Jonesboro,  Fayetteville,  or Atlanta.  But, we also teach in Villa Rica. 

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Free Hands-Only CPR “Halloween-Style”

Learn CPR on Halloween Day (twice)

We’re not trying to confuse anyone, but we’re having two big events the same day, both in Newnan, and both on Halloween Day.

First, at UWG-Newnan, we’re having a Halloween CPR (BLS) certification BLS for Healthcare Providers certification for Halloween CPR

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Halloween CPR 2014 (yes, Fri. Oct. 31)

Halloween CPR

It’s time for Halloween CPR, a time to have some fun – and still learn the life-saving skills of CPR, and in this case, American Heart Association BLS for Healthcare Providers course.  An official, authorized, 2-year certification course, accepted at every hospital/clinic/nursing/medical/dental school in GA.  

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Atlanta – Hands-Only CPR Tour This Weekend

The American Heart Association and WellPoint Foundation are bringing the “Stayin Alive Hands-Only CPR mobile tour to Atlanta, this Saturday, Sept. 20.  In conjunction with the Heart Walk, to be held at Centennial Olympic Park, the AHA instructors will be showing people free CPR, also teaching people to dance like John Travolta  🙂

The Hands-Only CPR tour was begun in 2012,

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Newnan CPR Training – “Cafeteria Style”

5 classes in one day, at one location  (Sat.  July 12, 2014)

Let’s say you need some type of training, like First Aid or CPR, or Healthcare Provider CPR – but the class you need isn’t the class offered?  At least on Sat. July 12, we’ve got a solution for that.

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Free Hands-Only CPR (July 4) Newnan area at Dickey’s Barbecue Pit

Yes, you can really learn life-saving skills before or after your BBQ dinner!  Try it out, at Dickey’s BBQ Pit, Thomas Crossroads, on July 4, 2014, from 11 am – 2 pm.   Whether or not you dine at Dickey’s – you get a free ice cream cone for learning something that might help a family member.

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Unconscous Lady saved on flight using “Video CPR”

Experts believe chest-compressions only are easy enough to learn by most folks in 10 minutes or less.  That’s one of the reasons that  “Hands-Only CPR” has gotten so much support.  That’s also why we try to have “Sidewalk CPR”, just to show folks how to do chest compressions.  CPR can save a life


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Kindergarten child suffers heart failure – how did it end?

It is so scary to think of a 5-year old having cardiac arrest or heart failure.  What happened last week when the boy had heart failure at school?   childs' life is spared by the life-saving skill of CPR

I don’t want to shock anyone, but there’s usually only 2 outcomes, please pick one:

1)  School officials call 911, 

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During CPR, Interruptions to Chest Compressions Decrease Survival Rates

This may lose a few non-technical people, with terms like “coronary perfusion pressure”, but bear with me.  This excellent video drives at the heart of what CPR is, why it’s so important to saving the life of a cardiac arrest victim, and why over the past 8 years chest compressions have increased in importance. 

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Update on “Free CPR Classes for Feb. 2014”

There is a forecast wintry mix of snow, sleet, and some freezing rain forecast for the Atlanta area for Feb. 11 through Feb. 13.     Wintry mix and freezing rain in Atlanta


The Newnan CPR “Free Family & Friends CPR” for Fayetteville, GA is still on for Mon. evening 2/10/2014,

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American Heart Month

Since it’s now February, it is American Heart Month.  I haven’t seen a “Presidential Proclamation” of such, but the American Heart Association is proceeding – urging all Americans to focus some time on the problem of cardiovascular disease in this country.  Did you know that, although deaths from heart disease have dropped over 35% in the last 10 years,

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