Win a Free Zoll AED Plus – for American Heart Month

Win a Free Zoll  AED Plus

Free Zoll AED Plus

A giveaway from Zoll  –  Register by March 6th.


Zoll is having a drawing for a Free Zoll  AED Plus, they will draw and giveaway the nicest (non-Pro) AED on the market, on March 7.  Register by Mar. 6th, and you might be the winner.  This is not ahome AED – and the rules say it’;s for donation to a church, community organization, or nonprofit.  AED Wall Sign (2-Way) Most people don’t need one in their living room, but it would be nioce if your church, the library, or your local police officer on patrol had an AED with them.

Newnan CPR is not giving away the Zoll  AED Plus,  Zoll is.  We will support the church, community organization or police dept. that ends up with the unit.  Link to register at Zoll Corporatrion.  Good luck – we hope you and your favorite community organization is a winner.

Free Zoll AED Plus - register now


As we’ve said many times in classes, and on our website  –  there are only two treatments for cardiac arrest   –

1)  CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation), which needs to be done within minutes, and

2) a shock by an AED to attempt to restore a normal heart rhythm.  Ideally, this AED shock happens within 8 minutes.   In our community, there just aren’t enough bystanders trained in CPR, and aren’t American Heart Monthenough AED’s in the community to have a positive cardiac arrest survival rate.