We Have Added AVERT Training


Active Shooter or Mass Violence incidents have become all too common in our country. The FBI defines “active shooter” as one or more individuals actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a populated area. The latest year of study, shows 61 shootings in 2021., up 50% from the prior year, with deaths up 270%. By location: there were 6 in CA, 5 in GA, 5 in TX, 4 in FL, 4 in CO, and 3 in TN, NC, IN, and MI. Some industry-leading experts developed AVERT training to help schools, businesses, churches, and venues protect their people.

AVERT training combines active violence awareness, with emergency response planning, techniques for bleeding control, and how to respond in the case of active violence. Since the Columbine shooting in 1999, the FBI has pushed “Run, Hide, Fight” to the public in how to respond to active shooters. This AVERT training expands on the “Run, Hide, Fight” concepts, by providing training in cover & concealment, disarming techniques, and simulates, as safely as we can accomplish, active violence event and response in your business or place of worship. AVERT is the only nationally recognized training that teaches participants to tactically escape, evade, defend yourself and others, disarm an assailant, as well as provide life saving medical care for the injured.

Newnan CPR & AED has taught CPR/First Aid programs by Health & Safety Institute (HSI) for 6 years, and AVERT is just another program taught through HSI to our AVERT-Authorized instructors. We will come to your office, healthcare setting, school, or church to provide this training safely to your staff. You also get access to the AVERT industry-leading blended learning curriculum, and can purchase AVERT custom-designed bleeding control kits. We also provide expert consultation to tailor the training and equipment to your workplace or facility, and assist with your response plan.

AVERT training is the best available option for schools, offices, healthcare facilities, houses of worship, leisure and hospitality centers and any other industry that may encounter an active violence incident.

AVERT approved Training Center

AVERT is delivered in a “Blended Training” format. Each participant has a 45 minute online AVERT lesson to complete prior to the day of “hands-on” AVERT training course.

We are offering our first “to the public” AVERT course, on Fri. Dec. 9th, at UWG-Newnan, from 12:30 pm – 3:00 pm, cost is $45. The public course is designed to send 1 or 2 safety people from your business, school, or church – to take the training and decide whether to bring the course back to your office or workplace setting. Register for Dec. 9th course: https://newnanCPR.com/schedule/