Training Friday 11/14/2014 in Villa Rica

You can get almost any type of course, same day, in Villa Rica (Nov. 14, 2014)

Most people probably expect Newnan CPR to teach some CPR, BLS for Healthcare, or even First Aid classes in Newnan, GA.  Maybe also in Jonesboro,  Fayetteville,  or Atlanta.  But, we also teach in Villa Rica.  On Nov. 14, I think we’ll have almost any type of emergency response training you might need.   Newnan CPR teaches First Aid and CPR classes in Villa Rica

We have called this “cafeteria-style” CPR and First Aid Training, just because you can select what type of training course you need or desire.

Suppose you’re a nurse, or nursing student, dental hygienist, EMT, or in school in any healthcare-related field, and you want AHA BLS for Healthcare Provider CPR – of course, we’re teaching that at 10:00 am in Villa Rica.

What if you need that BLS course, but prefer the “BLS Blended Training” option (where you complete AHA BLS Part 1 at home or work on your own time), then come at 9:00 am for your BLS Part 2/3 Skills Session.

Some employers and nursing programs require folks to have BLS for Healthcare CPR and Heartsaver First Aid.  If that’s you, then come and 10:00 am for BLS course, and hang around for First Aid from 2:00 – 4:20.

What if you just want a workplace First Aid/CPR/AED course, or most assisted living staff – Yes, we’re teaching Heartsaver First Aid/CPR/AED at 2:00 pm in Villa Rica.

What if you only need CPR/AED only?  Of course, we accommodate that too.  Come at 4:30 pm for CPR only.

Employed at a Day Care facility and need the new AHA Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED course?   Then, come to Villa Rica at 2:00 pm.


All of these courses in Villa Rica will be Fri. Nov. 14, at Storage Xxtra conference room.   Address is 1836 Carrollton Hwy.  Villa Rica, 30180.  This Villa Rica location is convenient to Douglasville, to Temple, to Winston, to Hiram, and to Carrollton.  We’re happy to teach in those areas to get people the training they desire.

All of the courses mentioned are official American Heart Association 2-year certification courses.  For more information, or to register, visit our “schedule” at .    Newnan CPR is your quality AHA training site south of Atlanta (and west of Atlanta).

Offering all of these courses, and the combinations makes discussing the course fees kinda complicated, but let’s try it:
Need BLS for Healthcare Skills Session only (you must have complete BLS Part 1 at and bring online certificate with you at 9:00 am.  –  $25.

BLS for Healthcare Providers course Coweta County

For BLS for Healthcare Providers CPR class  –  $50 (starts at 10:00 am).  (You can add Heartsaver First Aid for $25 more).

AHA Heartsaver CPR only – $40 Heartsaver CPR, with First Aid – $60.  Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED – $60.  Heartsaver CPR/AED

Course costs include having a book available for your use during class, but doesn’t include the book. If you want a book from us, you can optionally purchase one for $15 (before or after class). Folks can also purchase (optional) an “eBook” from AHA – $12.00 for BLS book, purchase from .

To Register for any of these Villa Rica classes, go to website, or contact Sam Connor (Newnan CPR),
(678) 796-8277.     Learn CPR  –  Save a Life !