DCSB Course Roster

DCSB Course Roster

This DCSB Course Roster form is for DCSB Instructors to submit their online DCSB Course Roster to Newnan CPR AHA Training Site.   It also serves to advise Newnan CPR AHA Training Site when blank cards are needed by DCSB.     This form is only used to submit DCSB course roster, and order AHA paper certification cards.

DCSB Roster Instructions

  • An instructor agreement with the Training Site must be in place to use this roster.
    Instructors must retain original course roster (with students' name/signature) and other course records (exams, evaluations, skill check forms) for 3 years. Course records are subject to inspection by the Training Site, Training Center, or AHA faculty.
    Please verify spelling of student names.

DCSB Roster Information







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