Last Week of Free CPR Courses

Last Week of Free CPR Courses 

We’ve been teaching “Free CPR for the Community” courses the last 2 1/2 weeks of Feb., (9 so far) all over south Atlanta areas.  There’s just 1 more week left, and 8 more courses.   The last week of February Free CPR courses, non-certification, are Feb. 20th through Feb 25th.   All this as part of American Heart Month (the entire month of February, ).   In 7 more cities, we’ll have 8 classes of the Last 8 courses of February CPR, offered by Newnan CPR in 2017 American Heart Association Family & Friends CPR course for free (non-certification courses).  Yes, this is a non-certification course, but others in our geographic area are charging $40 for this non-certification training).   Family & Friends is not a certification course, which means you don’t get a certification card at the end of the course.   You do, however, receive some great life-saving training, like:  How to perform CPR on someone that has suffered a heart failure/cardiac arrrest,  how to relieve choking in someone, and how to use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED).    

We provide this training to help improve the dismal cardiac arrest survival rate in our area.   Over 85% of cardiac arrests result in death – not because they have to, but rather, because very few people perform CPR prior to EMS arrival, and only once in a blue moon is anAED applied to a cardiac arrest victim prior to EMS arrival.  Communities that have over 60% Bystander CPR and use of an AED before arrival of ambulance or EMS, also have over 50% survival rates.  

Why not certification training?    Really only 3 reasons:  1)  We teach 10-15 certification courses every month, but those are how we stay in business, and our instructors buy groceries and pay their bills,  2)  The certification courses are at least an hour longer,  3)  Our certification courses are already as inexpensive as anyone in our service area, as Heartsaver is $40 for CPR and $60 for First Aid & CPR.   Our BLS Provider courses are priced $10-20 cheaper than most in our area, at $50  ( ).    BLS Provider course is for nurses, EMT’s, paramedics, dental assistants, radiologic techs, dental hygienists BLS for Healthcare Providers CPR– pretty much any clinician that treats patients.   We are an authorized AHA training site, so we do print a card at the end of your Heartsaver course or BLS Provider courses, unlike most providers in  our area (that mail you a card 3-5 days after your training is complete.  


The training we offer in February might be Free, but it’s still valuable.   A certification   logo-Newnan CPRout with a certification card in their wallet?   Well, certification card in your purse or wallet won’t save another person that is dying from heart failure  –  but, the knowledge and skills you learn and practice in our Free CPR course (non-certification) is what provides you with the psychomotor skill and confidence to perform CPR on your loved one, or co-worker.   There’s only 3 ways you can help someone that suffers cardiac arrest.  Call 911, perform CPR,  and use a defibillator (AED).  We teach and practice all 3 of those.  ZOLL AED Plus for February Free CPR coursesCardiac arrest is a time-critical health problem.  The victim needs CPR done within 6 minutes and AED applied within 8 minutes to have a good chance to survive with normal neurological function.  We have some fantastic, dedicated EMS professionals – we appreciate them greatly!  However, they only respond when called, and generally they are 7 1/2 to 10 minutes (or more sometimes) away from the cardiac arrest victim – and that’s too late.   Bystanders and family members need to perform CPR if we’re going to improve the liklihood of your loved one surviving a cardiac emergency.  


Family & Friends CPR is a non-certification course, but it teaches the life-saving skills of adult Hands-only CPR, and CPR on children and infants with breaths.  Also how to use an AED, and how to Learn CPR during February Free CPR courseshelp a choking victim.  It only takes 1 1/2 hours, about 60% less than the certification courses.  Come join us and learn to save a life.  Over 75% of cardiac arrests happen in the home – so you’ll likely be learning a skill to save a family member or close friend.  Can you use these skills to save a stranger?   You sure can  (and, I bet they never ask to see your certification card).   

In the next week, we are teaching non-certification AHA Schedule of February Free CPR coursesFamily & Friends training courses in Tyrone,  Newnan,  Fayetteville,  Union City,  Grantville,  Sharpsburg,  and Senoia.  That’s 8 courses in 6 days.  A public service by Newnan CPR.   Please register for the class you want to attend at .      Tell your friends, too  (but, please tell them no certification card is issued after this training).   


Last Week of Free CPR Courses

(Non-Certification) Feb. 20th – 25th, 2017  (by Newnan CPR)  

Feb. 2017 City Location Time
Mon  2/20 Tyrone Tyrone Library 10:00 am
Tue.   2/21 Newnan Central Library   6:00 pm
Wed.  2/22 Fayetteville Fayette Co. Library   6:30 pm
Thu.  2/23 Union City Etris Community Ctr.   3:00 pm
Thu.  2/23 Grantville Grantville Library   5:30 pm
Fri.  2/24 Sharpsburg E. C. DUI School   4:30 pm
Sat.  2/25 Senoia Senoia Library 10:00 am
Sat.   2/25 Newnan Central Library   1:00 pm

You can register to attend any of these courses by  ENROLLing at our Newnan CPR website , or,  at the library locations – you can tell the librarian you plan to attend.   There is no course fee for this training, but it’s not a certification CPR course.