Kindergarten child suffers heart failure – how did it end?

It is so scary to think of a 5-year old having cardiac arrest or heart failure.  What happened last week when the boy had heart failure at school?   childs' life is spared by the life-saving skill of CPR

I don’t want to shock anyone, but there’s usually only 2 outcomes, please pick one:

1)  School officials call 911,  EMS shows up in 5-8 minutes and begins CPR and defibrillates child, child is taken to hospital where he’s pronounced dead.  Funeral details to be released later.

2)  School teacher knows CPR and begins CPR within a minute or two, school has an AED, is used to shock the child within a few minutes.  Child wakes up, talks to EMS, he goes to the hospital for check-up.  Later, child gets an implanted pacemaker or defibrillator, returns to public school. 

In Taylorsville, NC the first of April, thank God for the training Leah Robinson, a PE teacher at Ellendale Elementary had received, and thanks to the school system for purchasing an AED.  (You know in GA – schools that have sports teams that compete must have an AED, but others do not).   5-yr. old Kyler was able to hug his PE teacher Ms Robinson, thanks to her life-saving knowledge and training.  Thankfully, Kyler’s parents did not have to plan a child’s funeral.  

Just know how sad the headlines would have read if alternative (1) had occurred.  I know it’s sad to think of losing a child, but experts believe thousands of children and hundreds of thousands of adults die needlessly in this country due to less than 20% of people performing CPR on cardiac arrest victims prior to EMS arrival.  We’re talking about a 5-6 minute “window of life” for a cardiac arrest victim.  EMS professionals are awesome, wonderful, knowledgeable, talented people – that just happen to usually arrive too late to save SCA victims without the help of bystanders performing CPR, hopefully prior to the EMS truck leaving the fire station.     

Businessses – Why not invest $1,400 in a machine that might save the life of a customer or employee.  If or when it saves a life I assure you it will have been worth the investment.   We’ll do our part – Free AED training for any Coweta County business that purchases a Publically Accessible AED.   

  Learn CPR  –  Save a Life !