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  • Newnan CPR teaches First Aid and CPR classes in Villa Rica

All Healthcare Providers, clinicians, or medical professionals in GA (including all those employed in a hospital, home health, dental office, students in nursing, EMT’s, etc.) are required to have a current AHA BLS (Basic Life Support) Provider CPR certification.   This AHA BLS certification needs to renewed every two (2) years.   In GA for Healthcare Providers, it must be AHA BLS  (and NOT Red Cross BLS, or NSC BLS or ASHI BLS or ProCPR BLS), – so, we will ONLY teach (for Healthcare Providers) official AHA BLS course.    Schedule of AHA BLS courses.


AHA BLS Healthcare Providers Course

The American Heart Association BLS for Healthcare Providers  program meets or exceeds all state licensing board and medical agencies recommendations and/or requirements for BLS Healthcare CPR.   Also, our program meets all educational BLS for Healthcare Providers CPR requirements for nursing students, EMT schools, or dental students .  Likewise, for for nursing assistant training) who are starting their clinical work at school.  Plus, we provide “Same-day certification”, or “End-of-course AHA BLS cert card”!

So, here’s our  Schedule of genuine AHA BLS for Healthcare Provider courses.

Our classes are certainly informative, but also fun!   You will leave the class with confidence in the head knowledge and the skills of CPR in any healthcare-related setting.   Also, all of our AHA BLS Provider classes include adult, child, and infant CPR, use of an AED, and airway obstruction.

Upon completion of the class you will receive a 2-year official BLS Provider certification card, or e-Card,  through the American Heart Association, which is the gold standard in CPR courses for healthcare professionals and students in all medical and dental disciplines.     Our course schedule.      Questions? – please call us (678) 796-8277.


Nureses and Medical Professionals BLS Challenge

BLS for Healthcare Providers CPR

The BRAND New for 2016 AHA BLS for Healthcare Providers course

includes the following topics:

• Scene Safety
• Using Protective Barriers
• Checking Responsiveness
• Activating EMS
• 1-rescuer and 2-rescuer CPR
• Adult, child, and infant CPR
Same-Day AHA certification• Assessing Breathing
• CPR for Cardiac Arrest
• Team (multirescuer) CPR

• Use of an AED (Automated External Defibrillator)
• Clearing the Airway
• Assisting Unresponsive Patients
• Adult, child, and infant Choking
• Assessing Breathing
• Opioid-Related Cardiac Arrest
• Team CPR

BLS for Healthcare Providers


AED topics include:
• Chain of Survival
• What does an AED do?
• Why you should use caution when using an AED on an infant
• Adding the use of an AED to a CPR emergency
• Basic AED operation and function
• Other considerations in AED use

AHA BLS for Healthcare Providers course meets the 2015 AHA-ECC guidelines for BLS certification training, and official 2016 AHA course books and video.   Course fee $65 with “End-of-course” or, “Same-Day” certification card.   This course will prepare you for saving lives and treating cardiac arrest patients in any healthcare setting.   So, here’s our AHA course schedule.


Any questions about AHA BLS for Healthcare Providers, please Contact Us.