Free Sidewalk CPR, Newnan (Great South Harley-Davidson)

On Sat. Oct. 26, from 10 am until 12:30 pm, Newnan CPR will be at Great South H-D, on Hwy. 16 in Newnan, showing folks Hands-Only CPR.

This is not a certification course, but it teaches skills that might be used to save the life of a co-worker, loved one, friend, or fellow biker. Yes, bikers have big hearts, and we want to save hearts too good to die. Come spend 5-6 minutes outside the H-D dealership and learn skills that might help your parent or child some day.

Free event. Oh, as usual on Sat., you can eat a burger or hot dog, too.

 Great South H-D

Learn CPR – Save a Life !



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