Free Hands-Only CPR Training in Feb.

It’s February, which is American Heart Month – a month set aside to focus on the #1 killer of Americans – yes, more people in the U.S. die from Cardiovascular disease (both men and women) than from any other health problem or disease.

The first American Heart Month was Feb. 1964, so this is 53rd year of  Free American Heart Association CPR in February by Newnan CPR focusing on this killer. This will sound strange, but the percentage of deaths from cardiac failure have decreased, but it’s been the #1 killer all of those years. (from 1964 to about 1975, for women breast killer was #1), but the number of men dying from cardiac arrest, PAD, and CAD made up the difference.  

What can you do for American Heart Month?
1) You can take some personal steps to reduce your chance of having a cardiac arrest or a vascular disease, by stopping smoking if you smoke, lowering your cholesterol, keeping your weight normal or losing weight, by keeping your blood pressure and blood sugar in the normal range, exercising a little more,, and by eating a heart-healthy diet (low in sat. fats/trans fats, low in cholesterol, added sugars or sodium, and high in fiber, lean protein and fruits & vegetables).

2) You can also learn CPR, your can even learn for free. CPR will not CPR can save a lifehelp you if you have a cardiac arrest, but it might help you save the life of a co-worker or loved one that has cardiac arrest. A person in heart failure or cardiac arrest has no blood circulation, and thus, no oxygen going to their brain.  Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is a method of keeping them alive until EMT/ambulance arrives.

We conduct Free hands-only CPR all over the area.   This year:

Free CPR in Feb. 2016








Hands-only CPR is a non-certification CPR course, that teaches CPR for adults, children, and infants, and how to use an Automated Ext. Defibrillator (AED).

Want to come, or seats available?  Check with WGTC for all the WGTC campuses ((855) 309-3640),  and for Carnegie Library – the library staff (770-683-1347).   Sharpsburg – just show up (there’s room).

Here’s the flyer and schedule:




CPR Man, see Newnan CPR 20 Tower Way Suite 1017 Newnan, GA 30265