American Heart Month is the 4 weeks of February

Free Atlanta-area CPR Training

The month of February, for the last 10 years, has been designated by our President as “American Heart Month”. We’re sure it will happen this year, also, as cardiovascular disease is the #1 killer of Americans.  More men (and women) die per year from heart disease/stroke/cardiac arrest than from all forms of cancer. American Heart Month is the 4 weeks of February

So in Feb., the American Heart Association, and Centers for Disease Control will emphasize not only prevention of cardiovascular disease, which means reducing our risk factors for Coronary Artery Disease, heart disease and stroke, but also steps to recognize the signs of a heart attack or cardiac arrest, and how to act.

Newnan CPR will attempt to provide both education and training to the communities in our area. We’ve offered to provide FREE AHA Family and Friends CPR Training in Fulton Co., Coweta Co., Fayette Co., and City of Whitesburg.  In addition to free non-certification CPR training, we’ll provide “heart-healthy” tips on eating, risk factors for cardiovascular disease, etc.Heart attack

The schedules should be finalized by 1/26, but here’s the free non-certification training classes we have planned. 
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Please don’t think that since this training is free, that it’s not valuable.  This training could save the life of your spouse, your child, a neighbor/co-worker, or Mom or Dad.  We usually charge $20 per attendee for this training – we’re just willing to donate our time and expertise to emphasize the importance of learning CPR in your family, and hopefully improve the cardiac arrest survival rate in our community.  Most people think 75% or more of the victims of cardiac arrest, (or persons whom CPR is administered to) survive to live a long and happy life.  That results from watching too much TV – where the survival rate is closer to 100%.  In real life, we’re closer to 7% than 75%.  OK, the U.S. national average is 8%, and Atlanta area is 6%.  Hmm, what would it take to get the survival rate to 15% or 20%, or 30%?   This is an AED, it might save your life if you have cardiac arrest  Well, a large number of persons trained and willing to perform CPR, and more availability of AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators).   OK, we’ll say it – AEDs should be in every business that has more than 40 employees or gets more than 100 visitors per day.  Of course, purchasing an AED costs that business $1,450-$1,500 – and that’s a business decision they have to make not us. 

Anyway, please join us for Free CPR for the Community in February.   Learn CPR  –  Save a Life!

You like flyers?   Yes, we have flyers for the Free AHA Family & Frinds CPR classes!

2/6  –  Senoia

2/10  –  Fayetteville

2/11  –  Whitesburg

2/12  –  Newnan at UWG

2/20  –  Newnan at Carnegie Library  

2/24  –  Union City 

2/27  –  Grantville