Newnan CPR February Free CPR courses

February Free CPR Courses – All South Atlanta areas

February Free CPR courses

To celebrate American Heart Month (that’s the entire month of February, ),  Newnan CPR is again offering February Free CPR courses, non-certification, to our communities.   In 15 locations, Newnan CPR teaches February Free CPR courses dates/times during the month.   We’ll teach the American Heart Association Family & Friends CPR course for free (non-certification)  this month (I’ve seen people in the Atlanta area charging $40 for this non-certification training).  Family & Friends is not a certification course, which means you don’t get a certification card at the end of the course.


IF you’re required to have a CPR certification card to keep your job, obtain a job, or get into EMT or nursing school, we’re sorry, Heartsaver CPR certification cardbut you’ll have to complete a Heartsaver course (generally for workplace responders or lay responders), or a BLS Provider course ( ).   BLS course is for nurses, EMT’s, paramedics, dental assistants, radiologic techs, dental hygienists BLS for Healthcare Providers CPR – clinicians daeling with patients.  Our certification courses are $40 for workplace/lay responder, and $50 for Healthcare Providers (official AHA BLS Provider course).   We are an authorized AHA training site, so we do print a card at the end of your Heartsaver course or BLS Provider courses.


Why would we teach February Free CPR courses (non-certification) training?  Is it useful if students don’t walk logo-Newnan CPR out with a certification card in their wallet?   Well, the card in your wallet doesn’t save someone – the knowledge and skills you learn and practice in a CPR course are what provides you with the psychomotor skill and confidence to perform CPR on your loved one, or co-worker.  There’s only 3 ways you can help someone that suffers cardiac arrest.  Call 911, perform CPR,  and use a defibillator (AED)  – that’s it.  ZOLL AED Plus for February Free CPR coursesCardiac arrest is a time-critical health problem.  The victim needs CPR done within 6 minutes and AED applied within 8 minutes to have a good chance to survive with normal neurological function.  We have the greatest EMS system in the world – however, they only come after we call them, and that’s usually 7 1/2 to 8 1/2 minutes away.


Family & Friends CPR is a non-certification course, but it teaches the life-saving skills of adult Hands-only CPR, and CPR on children and infants with breaths.  Also how to use an AED, and how to Learn CPR during February Free CPR courseshelp a choking victim.  It only takes 1 1/2 hours, about 60% less than the certification courses.  Come join us and learn to save a life.  Over 75% of cardiac arrests happen in the home – so you’ll likely be learning a skill to save a family member or close friend.  Can you use these skills to save a stranger?  Absoluteley, and they won’t ask to see your certification card.

Non-certification AHA Schedule of February Free CPR courses Family & Friends training courses will be held all over south Atlanta area during February, by Newnan CPR.  Please tell your friends.   (Oh, no certification card for this training).


Free CPR courses

(Non-Certification) during Feb. 2017 (by Newnan CPR)  

Feb. 2017 City Location Time
Sat.  2/4 Newnan Central Library 11:00 am
Tue.  2/7 Peachtree City Bridge Community Ctr.   3:30 pm
Fri.   2/10 Sharpsburg Sharpsburg Rec. Ctr.   2:00 pm
Sat. 2/11 Atlanta Kirkwood Library   Noon
Wed.  2/15 Newnan Carnegie Library   3:30 pm
Thu.  2/16 Palmetto Palmetto Library   6:00 pm
Fri.   2/17 Newnan Univ. of West GA   1:00 pm
Mon  2/20 Tyrone Tyrone Library 10:00 am
Tue.   2/21 Newnan Central Library   6:00 pm
Wed.  2/22 Fayetteville Fayette Co. Library   6:30 pm
Thu.  2/23 Union City Etris Community Ctr.   3:00 pm
Thu.  2/23 Grantville Grantville Library   5:30 pm
Fri.  2/24 Sharpsburg E. C. DUI School   4:30 pm
Sat.  2/25 Senoia Senoia Library 10:00 am
Sat.   2/25 Newnan Central Library   1:00 pm

You can register to attend any of these courses by advising the librarian at the library locations, or by ENROLLing at our Newnan CPR website  .    Obviously no charge, but it’s also not a certification CPR course.


Full course information and enrollment at .