Bystander CPR Explained

What is bystander CPR?
(1) Non-medical personnel performing chest compressions (or full CPR) on a cardiac arrest victim, prior to the arrival of EMT/paramedics/nurses.
(2) Performed in less than 30% of cardiac arrest events
(3) The key to a city/community/state getting their CA survival rates above 10%
(4) Can be learned in approximately 30 minutes
(5) All of the above.  Hands-Only CPR in GA

You may can figure the correct answer is (5) All of the above.  The first two keys to cardiac event survival is (a) recognition of the event/calling the Emergency Medical number, and (b) Early CPR – which means witnesses/bystanders/non-professional responders need to begin chest compressions on the victim quickly. (c) Early defibrillation is an important step, but is not going to be successful without (b) Early CPR.

Medical studies have shown and medical resuscitation experts are in agreement that increasing the number of bystanders willing and able to perform chest compressions on a cardiac arrest victim would result in the most significant improvement in our nation’s/our local area’s cardiac arrest survival percentage.  Early bystander CPR saves Lives.


Bystander CPR being performed

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