CPR Slogans, Save a Life, etc.

In the early 1970’s, the NHTSA used to have signs on the highway “Drive Carefully, the Life You Save May Be Your Own”.   One of our slogans is similar – “Learn CPR, the Life You Save May Be A Family Member”.

CPR is learned to save others, not yourself, and over 80% of cardiac arrests occur at home, so it’s more likely you’d use these CPR skills to help your Mom or daughter, than saving a stranger.   I encourage employers to provide or enable their employees to receive CPR training (like give them on-the-clock time to attend), and yes, an employee  might save a co-workers life.   But, they all have homes and families where they are more likely to place these skills to good use.

Kids can learn CPR also.

Kids can learn CPR


Learn CPR – Save a Life !