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 AVERT  (Active Violence Emergency Response Training)

AVERT can save lives


 (Active Shooter Training)   

Active Shooter

Emergency Response Tactics  

We will ensure your employees know exactly how to respond when an emergency situation arises. Even a delay of a few minutes can have a huge impact on a person’s chances of survival. Our AVERT-authorized instructors will teach emergency response training tactics that show your people how to react fast, take action.  Also to give assistance to anyone who’s been hurt, to provide the best possible chance of surviving until medical attention from emergency responders is available.    


Stop The Bleed Stop The Bleed Techniques

One of the most important steps to take when a person has been shot or stabbed is being able to stop the bleeding. After a severe injury, a person can bleed to death in as little as 3-4 minutes. This is why we focus so heavily on teaching your staff how to control bleeding in emergency situations. A range of emergency bleeding control techniques can be used, and we will show your staff members how to implement the most important ones. They will also learn how to use the equipment needed to control the bleeding as effectively as possible if the need arises.   


Live Scenario Simulations

In AVERT training, participants will safely experience a simulation of active shooter situations, and how to respond. These mock events are as realistic as we can make them, while ensuring participant safety. Dynamic training tactics are used, which helps prepare your team to fully prepare for an active violence situation.

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