Classes, Class Schedule, and COVID-19 Precautions

These are trying times, as our country attempts to “flatten the curve” of new cases of COVID-19 (CoronaVirus).   We want to do our part, but still teach classes that our customers need.   Teaching of emergency response classes have always been extremely low risk of contracting any infectious disease, as there is minimal contact with others – just contact with disinfected equipment.


Our goal at Newnan CPR is to continue to have classes, so that our customers, incoming nursing students, etc  can still get their certification cards, while also reducing the spread of communicable diseases (like COVID-19) in our community.


Both AHA, Red Cross and ASHI have released COVID-19 guidelines regarding BLS/CPR/First Aid training to comply with CDC guidelines.  Of course, we will follow them, which generally refer to these steps:

  • Cleaning manikins and equipment before class, after class, and before another student uses a manikin
  • Not using face shields. Pocket masks with one-way valves will still be used
  • Students wearing gloves during CPR and bag mask practice and skills
  • Students spaced further apart in the classroom
  • Limit of 9 students per class
  • Students requested to wash hands before class & before/after snacks or breaks. Hand sanitizer provided.


If you have a fever, or are feeling ill, please do not attend.  There is no charge to change to a future class.  Just call (678) 796-8277 or email to switch to another class.   There may be unanticipated changes to class schedule, particularly where plan to teach at locations (like fitness centers or colleges) that are currently closed due to COVID-19 guidelines.  We will always keep the schedule at current for future classes.


Most of the steps CDC and Coronavirus Task Force have recommended to slow the spread of this disease, are steps we should always take during cold and flu season.  Wash your hands thoroughly and often, avoid contact with eyes or mouth unless hands are clean, disinfect surfaces, stay home when you are sick, etc.   I think as a rule we’ll be more diligent in the future.


COVID-19 Information