ASHI Remote Skills Verification


Yes, CPR certification using video assistance  –  the ultimate in social distancing teaching.

Newnan CPR uses ASHI Remote Skills Verification

Newnan CPR as an approved ASHI Training Centers is authorized to conduct Skills Verification remotely (using two-way video), to provide CPR and First Aid/CPR certification using AHSI’s new Remote Skills Verification (RSV) technology.  The best way we’ve found to safely continue to provide training and full certification to students.

RSV – coupled with our existing blended learning programs – will allow you to provide training to those who need it most.  While giving you complete flexibility in location and scheduling.





Our fully integrated RSV portal allows students to learn at their own pace and demonstrate required hands-on skills in a live, online setting.


You’ll use your ASHI Otis portal to offer blended training that encompasses all aspects of training, including skills verification through an integrated video-conference platform.

Student and Instructor communicate using video for Remote Skills Verification



First, the student completes an ASHI online blended learning course.  Then, they’ll complete a remote, hands-on skills verification session with an instructor.

But does teh student gain access to a manikin or other training equipment if it’s all done remotely?

The three RSV (Remote Skills Verification) options include:

  1. RSV Option. With this option, the ASHI Training Center or instructor will be responsible for handling how the hands-on skills components will reach the student.  For example, you could drop off equipment at their location, or directly sell them manikins & equipment.
  2. RSV-D Option. AHSI will ship all hands-on skills components directly to the business or student to keep for future use.  This is a great option for Training Centers that would prefer to avoid additional training logistics (like shipping, collecting or cleaning manikins).
  3. RSV-M Option. AHSI will ship “loaner” equipment to the business or student, with a return label included.  The student or business will return the loaner training materials to ASHI before receiving their digital certification card.


Each RSV option has its own pricing levels that can be explained by Newnan CPR & AED.


Here are some additional key points to keep in mind when using the RSV platform:

  • RSV is designed for a 1:1 student-to-instructor ratio.   
  • The Instructor will need access to a computer or tablet that has a webcam, along with the usual equipment needed for a traditional classroom setting (e.g. manikin, AED trainer, gloves, etc.).
  • RSV is available to all ASHI Approved Training Centers for most courses up to BLS that have been available previously with blended learning.


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