AEDs save lives, by Philips (even with a recall)

AEDs save lives.  A person that suffers cardiac arrest really needs chest compressions started within 2 minutes, and ideally, an AED used to shock the heart within 5 minutes.  Each minute that defivrillation is delayed reduces the CA victim’s chance of survival by 7%-10%.    heartstart_onsite


EMS does a great job, but, the fact is they are 51/2 to 9 1/2 minutes away, in most urban areas.  If your spouse, parent, or child is the CA victim – is the best you can do call 9-1-1 and count the minutes until EMS arrives?


Philips has taken a marketing/press hit lately, with a recall of some of their best-selling AEDs – the HeartStart FRx and the HeartStart Onsite.  They are still the largest manufacturer of AEDs, and the recall affects less than 1% of their deployed units.


AEDs are still life-saving devices.  Here’s a manufacturer’s (Philips) video that highlights using an AED to save lives.     .


Does your workplace or business have an AED?  Are your employees/customers worth $1,400?