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AEDs save lives, by Philips (even with a recall)

AEDs save lives.  A person that suffers cardiac arrest really needs chest compressions started within 2 minutes, and ideally, an AED used to shock the heart within 5 minutes.  Each minute that defivrillation is delayed reduces the CA victim’s chance of survival by 7%-10%.    heartstart_onsite


EMS does a great job,

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Free AED Training 1 (blog-enabled AED training)

Right here – Free AED Training.

The picture to the right is from a Heartstart OnSite AED unit.Heasrtstart Onsite AED unit


Here’s the free AED training: 

See the green Power button?  (1) Turn it on.

Can you see where the pads are located (hint: “Pull”)?

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