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CPR, or cardiopulmonary resuscitation

Adding ASHI CPR and First Aid courses

Adding ASHI CPR and First Aid courses

As a result of the AHA Heartsaver certification card price increase effective Oct. 3, 2017, we have decided to offer ASHI CPR and First Aid courses to our community. both public courses and onsite, (custom-requested) courses.   American Safety and Health Institute has been teaching emergency response courses for 21 years,

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Heartsaver Course Price Increase

Heartsaver Course Price Increase

We were advised by American Heart Association on Oct. 3, that, effective on Oct. 3, there would be a Heartsaver course price increase, in fact, a drastic increase in the cost of certification cards to the Training Sites and instructors.  This change was done without advance notice to AHA Training Centers or Training Sites. 

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Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers – Feb. courses

BLS For Healthcare Providers – Feb.

Here’s our February 2017 list of our most popular course – AHA BLS for Healthcare Providers.  Only $50 for now.   This is required for all EMT’s, paramedics, nurses, doctors, and students in those healthcare disciplines.  Anyone, however, can attend these courses and learn the life-saving skills.

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Win a Free Zoll AED Plus – for American Heart Month

Win a Free Zoll  AED Plus

Free Zoll AED Plus

A giveaway from Zoll  –  Register by March 6th.


Zoll is having a drawing for a Free Zoll  AED Plus, they will draw and giveaway the nicest (non-Pro) AED on the market, on March 7.  Register by Mar.

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February Free CPR Courses – All South Atlanta areas

February Free CPR courses

To celebrate American Heart Month (that’s the entire month of February, ),  Newnan CPR is again offering February Free CPR courses, non-certification, to our communities.   In 15 locations, Newnan CPR teaches February Free CPR courses dates/times during the month.   We’ll teach the American Heart Association Family &

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Free CPR training during American Heart Month (February)

American Heart Month

Again we are doing Free CPR training during American Heart Month (February).  2018 marks year 55 of “American Heart Month”, which began as a joint resolution of Congress in 1963.  It was accompanied by a declaration from Pres. Lyndon Johnson, stating the goal Newnan CPR provides Free CPR during American Heart Month of American Heart Month is to take time to look at heart health,

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2017 Heartsaver CPR course Schedule (Jan.-Feb.)

Heartsaver CPR courses

Make 2017 the year that you Learn CPR !   Below is our Heartsaver CPR/AED course schedule.  Most cardiac arrests happen in the home or your workplace  –  not in the hospital.  Whether or not your co-worker or loved ones survive cardiac emergencies largely depends on how quickly someone begins CPR. 

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2017 BLS for Healthcare CPR classes (Jan.)

2017 Course Schedule Released

It’s now officially 2017, so we urge you to follow through on your New Years’ resolution to Learn CPR !  Whether or not having CPR skills is required by your employer – you need to learn CPR.   It might be you in a position to save a loved one suffering a cardiac arrest.  

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Halloween CPR 2016

Halloween CPR

Both in 2014 and in 2015, Halloween CPR was a big hit.  The students loved it, the instructors loved it – there was a prize given for the “best costume” (voted on by the students).  Of course, everyone got a BLS for Healthcare Providers certification card before they left class.  

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Training Friday 11/14/2014 in Villa Rica

You can get almost any type of course, same day, in Villa Rica (Nov. 14, 2014)

Most people probably expect Newnan CPR to teach some CPR, BLS for Healthcare, or even First Aid classes in Newnan, GA.  Maybe also in Jonesboro,  Fayetteville,  or Atlanta.  But, we also teach in Villa Rica. 

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Newnan CPR Training – “Cafeteria Style”

5 classes in one day, at one location  (Sat.  July 12, 2014)

Let’s say you need some type of training, like First Aid or CPR, or Healthcare Provider CPR – but the class you need isn’t the class offered?  At least on Sat. July 12, we’ve got a solution for that.

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Free Hands-Only CPR (July 4) Newnan area at Dickey’s Barbecue Pit

Yes, you can really learn life-saving skills before or after your BBQ dinner!  Try it out, at Dickey’s BBQ Pit, Thomas Crossroads, on July 4, 2014, from 11 am – 2 pm.   Whether or not you dine at Dickey’s – you get a free ice cream cone for learning something that might help a family member.

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Unconscous Lady saved on flight using “Video CPR”

Experts believe chest-compressions only are easy enough to learn by most folks in 10 minutes or less.  That’s one of the reasons that  “Hands-Only CPR” has gotten so much support.  That’s also why we try to have “Sidewalk CPR”, just to show folks how to do chest compressions.  CPR can save a life


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Kindergarten child suffers heart failure – how did it end?

It is so scary to think of a 5-year old having cardiac arrest or heart failure.  What happened last week when the boy had heart failure at school?   childs' life is spared by the life-saving skill of CPR

I don’t want to shock anyone, but there’s usually only 2 outcomes, please pick one:

1)  School officials call 911, 

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