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Free CPR Classes for American Heart Month – Feb 2019

This February is the 56th year of “American Heart Month”.  In February, we concentrate efforts on the leading cause of death for men and women in the U.S.   This started with President Lyndon Johnson Dec. 20, 1963, and has carried forward each year since.

Newnan CPR proclaimed in 2013 we would offer “Free Hands-Only CPR”

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February Free CPR Courses – All South Atlanta areas

February Free CPR courses

To celebrate American Heart Month (that’s the entire month of February, ),  Newnan CPR is again offering February Free CPR courses, non-certification, to our communities.   In 15 locations, Newnan CPR teaches February Free CPR courses dates/times during the month.   We’ll teach the American Heart Association Family &

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Atlanta – Hands-Only CPR Tour This Weekend

The American Heart Association and WellPoint Foundation are bringing the “Stayin Alive Hands-Only CPR mobile tour to Atlanta, this Saturday, Sept. 20.  In conjunction with the Heart Walk, to be held at Centennial Olympic Park, the AHA instructors will be showing people free CPR, also teaching people to dance like John Travolta  🙂

The Hands-Only CPR tour was begun in 2012,

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CPR Statistics and Sudden Cardiac Arrest Fact Sheet

(Facts from American Heart Association, updated April 2013)
  CPR saves lives of a family member
Anyone can learn CPR – and everyone should!  Sadly, 70 percent of Americans may feel helpless to act during a cardiac emergency because they either do not know how to administer CPR or their training has significantly lapsed. 

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Healthy Heart Coalition – Heart Seminars

New event Friday Nov. 8, 2013


At GA State University this Friday (Nov. 8), the Healthy Heart Coalition of Fulton County is having a Healthy Heart seminar, with free seminars on stroke, wellness, heart disease, and have asked us to do free Hands-Only CPR.

Times are 9:00 am –

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Bystander CPR Explained

What is bystander CPR?
(1) Non-medical personnel performing chest compressions (or full CPR) on a cardiac arrest victim, prior to the arrival of EMT/paramedics/nurses.
(2) Performed in less than 30% of cardiac arrest events
(3) The key to a city/community/state getting their CA survival rates above 10%
(4) Can be learned in approximately 30 minutes
(5) All of the above.  

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Stayin Alive With Hands-Only CPR

Hands-only CPR, also called Compressions-Only CPR (COCPR), is relatively new concept, just recommended since 2008.  Recent studies have shown it is more effective than traditional CPR (compressions and mouth-mouth breaths) for lay responders,, in cases of a witnessed collapse of adult or teen.

If you see a teen or adult collapse,

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Why Hands-Only CPR?

Hands-only CPR, also called “Compressions-only” CPR is what we’re talking about.  Yes, for witnessed collapse of teen or adult that is not responsive – 1) Call 911, and 2) chest compressions, in the center of the chest 2″ deep and about 100 compressions per minute.    Hands-only CPR saves lives!

    Two Steps to Save a Life

Learn CPR –

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