2017 Heartsaver CPR course Schedule (Jan.-Feb.)

Heartsaver CPR courses

Make 2017 the year that you Learn CPR !   Below is our Heartsaver CPR/AED course schedule.  Most cardiac arrests happen in the home or your workplace  –  not in the hospital.  Whether or not your co-worker or loved ones survive cardiac emergencies largely depends on how quickly someone begins CPR.  Please call 911 if you see a person unresponsive, but YOU need to know how to perform CPR to help them, and maybe be a life-saver!           logo-Newnan CPR


Our certification CPR training for family members or employees is AHA Heartsaver CPR, a 2 year certification course, course fee $40, which covers adult, child, and infant CPR, and how to use an AED.  (It’s $60 if you also need Heartsaver First Aid training – held after CPR on most course dates).  Multiple Heartsaver classes are offered each month.  Registration is required.  Full Heartsaver CPR course information and enrollment at http://newnanCPR.com .


   AHA Heartsaver CPR/AED Training courses (Newnan CPR)

2017  Dates Location Time
Jan. 13  (Fri.) Sharpsburg, GA  1 pm
Jan. 14  (Fri.) Newnan, GA 11 am
Jan. 20  (Fri.) Sharpsburg, GA  6 pm
Jan. 21  (Sat.) Fayetteville, GA  9 am
Jan. 28  (Sat.) Newnan, GA 11 am
Feb. 10  (Fri.) Sharpsburg, GA  9 am
Feb. 11  (Sat.) Newnan, GA 11 am
Feb. 11  (Sat.) Fayetteville, GA 1:30 pm
Feb. 18  (Sat.) Newnan, GA 10 am
Feb. 18  (Sat.) Villa Rica, GA  2 pm
Feb. 24  (Fri.) Sharpsburg, GA  6 pm
Feb. 25  (Sat.) Newnan, GA 11 am

Heartsaver CPR schedule2017 Heartsaver CPR course schedule

Multiple Heartsaver CPR classes are offered each month, in most areas of south Atlanta.  Registration is required for any Heartsaver CPR/AED course –  https://newnancpr.com/schedule/ .

All Newnan CPR courses offer American Heart Association 2-year certification card, issued at the end of class.   Full course information and enrollment at http://newnanCPR.com .
Newnan CPR Heartsaver CPR course