Halloween CPR 2016

Halloween CPR

Both in 2014 and in 2015, Halloween CPR was a big hit.  The students loved it, the instructors loved it – there was a prize given for the “best costume” (voted on by the students).  Of course, everyone got a BLS for Healthcare Providers certification card before they left class.  All but two students wore a costume – so that means they only paid $40 for an official AHA BLS for Healthcare Providers course.  What a deal, just for dressing like a zombie or Hillary Clinton or Elvira!

BLS for Healthcare Providers certification for Halloween CPR


In 2016, we’ll do “Halloween CPR” again on the last Friday of October, but in Villa Rica rather than Newnan.  We’ll also do “Halloween CPR” again on Mon. Oct. 31, in Sharpsburg.   By then, you’ll have your Justin Bieber or Daisy Dukes outfit done, so, why not join Newnan CPR for “Halloween CPR” on either Fri., 10/28 or Mon. 10/31 this year.  BLS course starts at 10:00 am in Villa Rica (Oct. 28), and at 9:00 am in Sharpsburg (Oct. 31).   Register for wither course at: Schedule – Newnan CPR

Elvis teaches Halloween CPR? Absolutely!

So, on both Fri., Oct. 28 and Mon. Oct. 31, 2016, we’ll have year 3 of of Halloween CPR, a regular BLS for Healthcare class, but just slightly more fun.   We’re also doing our regular “BLS Skills Session”, at 9:00 am (Villa Rica 10/28) or at 8:00 am (Sharpsburg 10/31), for folks that completed their authentic AHA HeartCode BLS online Part 1 at http://onlineAHA.org.  Those folks only need a HeartCode BLS Skills Session, which we’ll do for $25.

Our regular BLS for Healthcare Provider classroom course (but more fun) will start at 10:00 am (Villa Rica 10/28), with Prince, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, Beyonce, Michael Jackson, or Willie Robertson teaching.  OK – we have no idea who’s coming to teach, but they will be an authentic AHA BLS Instructor.  Our regular course fee for BLS is $50, but for “Halloween CPR”, you’ll get $10 off that fee )so, only $40) if you’re in a Halloween costume or outfit.   Please, no scrubs, nurses outfit, doctor smock, or dental hygiene clothing – that’s what our BLS students wear the rest of the year.   Yes, BLS Provider 2-year certification card issued same day.

 New  –  2016 Flyer.


This is a legitimate AHA BLS for Healthcare Providers classroom course, so we will teach CPR, not just have a Halloween Party.  (But, we’ll have candy and have a Halloween party, too).


Who?   Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Providers is targeted at  SuperGirl is coming to Halloween CPR medical professionals and students in medical/dental/EMT fields.   AHA BLS for HCP is the gold standard in Basic Life Support training!  Can non-medical folks take and pass this class?   Absolutely, we’ve never had a non-medical person fail it.  There are only two skills taught in BLS Provider course that are not taught in Heartsaver CPR, namely giving breaths with a bag-mask (rather than mouth-on-mouth) and practicing/testing using 2-person CPR (as opposed to 1-person CPR in Heartsaver).   The discounted price makes the Halloween CPR BLS Provider class the same price as our Heartsaver CPR/AED course.

inmates can come to Halloween CPR, if they are let outWhen?   Fri.  Oct. 28, 2016 – from 10:00 am – 1:25 pm (Villa Rica),  or  Mon. Oct. 31, 2016 – from 9: am – 12:25 pm (Sharpsburg).    2016 FLYER.

Halloween CPR by Newnan CPRClass treats, and a prize for the best Halloween outfit.  BLS Provider card issued at the end of class.

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Here’s a Flyer:   Halloween CPR flyer.

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